In this post, of I am going to tell you how to use One Click Unbrick Untuk Software step by step.

Unbrick Untuk Software
  1. at 1st prepare your computer or laptop. You have to install Java on your computer. If you don’t have installed then download Java from the link below DOWNLOAD
  2. Then you have to download one click unbrick. If you don’t have then download it from here
  3. Then you have to connect your Android device with a data cable to your PC or Laptop.
  4. then click the unbrick which has been downloaded recently on your device.
  5. Then click unsoft brick and wait for a message of error. when the error will appear you have to select Resolution Center.
  6. After that, you have to extract the current folder on your computer in the Heimdall file.
  7. copy the download file and click on the oneclickloader and click the loader file to the file named Heimdall file.
  8. after doing that click the oneclickloader and select run as administrator
  9. then click the unsoft brick another time and then an error message will come to you. you have to leave a message of error.
  10. After that restart your device.
  11. disconnect all the data cables and batteries. after removing everything put the battery back again.
  12. then the last step will come. enter downloaded mode by clicking 3 buttons ( volume down+ home+ power)

if you can access it successfully then you have to understand that you have successfully unbricked and then you have to flash your Android. if you can’t access the brick then you have to repeat every step again. then it might happen.